Utah Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Fund
(H.B. 174 from 2008 General Legislative Session)

What is the TBI Fund?

The TBI Fund was established in 2008 by the Utah Legislature as a restricted special revenue to:

  • Educate the general public and professionals on prevention and treatment of TBI;
  • Provide access to evaluations and coordinate short-term care to assist an individual with a TBI that is a Utah resident in identifying services or support needs, resources, and benefits for which the individual may be eligible (e.g., Resource Facilitation); and
  • Develop and support an information referral system for persons with a TBI and their families.

Not less than 50% of the of the fund shall be used each fiscal year to directly assist individuals with a diagnosed TBI resulting in cognitive or physical function impairment.

The TBI Fund is designed to be a payor of last resort, meaning individuals have no other financial means available to obtain these services.

What cannot be paid for by the TBI Fund?

The TBI Fund may not be used for medical treatment, long-term care, or acute care; may not duplicate any services or support mechanisms being provided to an individual by any other government or private agency; and all actual and necessary operating expenses for the committee and staff shall be paid by the TBI Fund.

Who administers the TBI Fund?

The TBI Fund is administered under the direction of the Utah Department of Health Executive Director, through the Violence and Injury Prevention Program (VIPP).

How is the TBI Fund funded?

In SFY15, $200,000 in on going funds was allocated by the Legislature to the fund. The TBI Fund Advisory Committee advises the Department on the spending of the funds. Unspent appropriations carry over to the next fiscal year.

How are the TBI Fund appropriations allocated?

The TBI Fund Advisory Committee makes recommendations on how to allocate the appropriations each year. Motivated by a need to stretch the one-time funding to help as many people as possible, the TBI Fund Advisory Committee has focused efforts on resource facilitation and education.

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