Our Mission

Utah Brain Injury Council’s (UBIC) mission is—to provide brain injury education to the people of Utah and advocate and guide the implementation of a permanent statewide brain injury system.



The UBIC envisions Utah as a state where every brain injury is prevented, and where all individuals with brain injury and their caregivers maximize their quality of life.

Value Statements

Empowerment—we recognize the critical importance of social and systemic change as we empower people to  advocate for themselves and to recognize their value to our community.

Collaboration—our goals are achieved through our essential partnerships.

Inclusion—where each brain injury survivor is unique and has valuable contributions to be made to the greater community.

Lifetime Access—where we work to ensure that all individuals are aware of and have access to quality services.


Strategic Issue Statements

Education and Training is—to increase awareness and knowledge, promote prevention, and develop specialized training for professionals and individuals within the brain injury community.

Information and Resource Dissemination is—to efficiently provide survivors, caregivers and professionals with local, relevant resources, including but not limited to a stream-lined referral system.

Sustainability/Community Initiatives is—collaboration with our partners, secure ongoing funding to provide for the implementation and continuation of community and state-wide outreach initiatives.